Saturday, 18 January 2014

Why it's so hard to come up with blog ideas.

Many people in Mrs. Le's english class struggle to come up with ideas for their blog posts. I think the major reason people can't come up with blog ideas is because it puts the student on the spot. They need to come up with relevant, appropriate and entertaining information. These ideas need to stem from inspiration. Putting students on the spot in class cannot truly grasp their ideas or give inspiration. If Mrs. Le wanted to see the students naturally display their points and ideas she would listen to them argue with their friends. There, students organize their points and listen to counter augments with natural inspiration. I understand that blogging puts your ideas into writing but I believe those same ideas can be expressed just as well through speech. In conclusion I think that inspiration for blog posts is hard to come by because students are put on the spot.


For me skiing means freedom. From a young age I would say good bye to my parents on the morning of every saturday and sunday and spend the entire day skiing with my friends. It is the sole factor that makes winter my favourite season. There is nothing better than fresh tracks on a nice pitch or powdery glades. Skiing also represents a certain style. You can tell a skier by just looking at them. Skiing isn't about following the crowd it's about finding your own line. This freedom is reason why I enjoy skiing so much.